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Restless Legs Syndrome Natural Treatment

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Restless Legs Syndrome Natural Treatment

Restless leg’s syndrome could be the reason your child has sleep problems, I found through research restless leg’s syndrome is common in children with autism. One of the reasons for restless leg’s syndrome in these children are their iron deficiencies, who would ever imagine an iron deficiency could cause such a problem in a child’s life. Restless leg’s syndrome makes sleeping almost impossible, anyone suffering from this syndrome will experience their symptoms when they are sedentary for extended periods of time. In severe cases restless leg’s syndrome can cause leg pain, and what relieves your pain is getting out of bed and moving around.

Restless Legs Syndrome Symptoms

Restless Legs Syndrome will cause you leg discomfort and even leg pain, and this syndrome is difficult at times for physicians to diagnose in children with autism. Many children with autism experience verbal communication issues which can prevent them from being able to describe their symptoms, and many parents become frustrated thinking their child is just making up excuses not to go to bed. Restless Legs Syndrome is often worse at night when you are sedentary for an extended time, and since most children are active during the day their symptoms often don’t affect them.

  • Leg Pain
  • Aching
  • Itching
  • Electric shock feelings
  • Shooting pains down your leg’s
  • Throbbing
  • Feelings of unable to relax your leg’s

Restless Legs Syndrome symptoms can come and go in mild cases, but in severe cases Restless Legs Syndrome symptoms can become a chronic condition.

restless legs syndrome

What Causes Restless Legs Syndrome

Medical professionals are not sure exactly what causes Restless Legs Syndrome, some medical professionals feel this syndrome is connected to vitamin deficiency levels especially iron. Other medical professionals feel this syndrome is connected to autoimmune disease, but there are even some medical professionals leaning towards the reason might be the imbalance of the brain chemicals especially Dopamine. Restless Legs Syndrome can affect anyone at any age, but children with autism seems to experience this syndrome more than other children. This syndrome usually begins at a very young age, but often becomes more severe with age.

Restless Legs Syndrome Associated Conditions

Neuropathy is often connected in children with Restless Legs Syndrome, you will find Neuropathy is common among people with diabetes and alcoholism.

Iron Deficiency which become a chronic condition is often connected with Restless Legs Syndrome, and for people with mild cases add an iron supplement can ease their symptoms.

Kidney Failure often causes your iron to be stored in your blood when your kidneys are not functioning properly, and people with kidney failure often experience Restless Legs Syndrome.

Spinal Cord Lesions has been also linked to Restless Legs Syndrome, but spinal cord lesions is not as common as the other links.

Restless Legs Syndrome And Children

Restless Legs Syndrome affects approximately 1.5 million children in the United States, but medical professionals feel there are many more children with this syndrome never diagnosed. Children with Autism are often misdiagnosed when suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome, and this is mainly because children with Autism can’t explain their symptoms to physician’s and their parents.

  • Bees crawling on my leg’s and feet
  • My leg’s are so itchy
  • I just can’t be still in school
  • My leg’s hurt too much to go to sleep

These are common descriptions from children who experience Restless Legs Syndrome, but there are natural treatments available which has been proven to help anyone with this syndrome.

Essential Oil Recipes For Restless Legs Syndrome

Essential oil’s has been like a miracle cure for many of the people who experience this syndrome, I do suggest you give these recipes a try before taking any of the medications prescribed for Restless Legs Syndrome. Even though there are medications which helps with this syndrome’s symptoms, we need to use more natural treatments and fewer medications to protect our organs from damage from long-term use.

Peppermint Essential Oil Recipe

Peppermint essential oil relieves the muscle aches and pains people experience from Restless Legs Syndrome, you can massage your leg’s before going to bed with this peppermint essential oil massage rub recipe.

  • 2 Drops of peppermint oil
  • 4 Drops of rosemary oil
  • 4 Drops of black spruce oil
  • 4 Tsp of a carrier oil

restless legs syndrome

Lavender Essential Oil Recipe

You can ease your symptoms simply by using this lavender bath recipe before you go to bed, and there also is a lavender essential oil recipe for insomnia which works for many people.

Lavender Bath Recipe

  • 4 Drops of lavender oil
  • 2 Drops of vetiver oil
  • 4 Tsp of a carrier oil

Lavender Insomnia Recipe

  • 4 Drops of lavender oil
  • 2 Drops of Sweet Orange Oil
  • 4 Tsp of a carrier oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe

  • 2 Drops of lemongrass oil
  • 4 Drops of lavender oil
  • 4 Tsp of a carrier oil

Frankincense Essential Oil Bath Recipe

  • 2 Drops of Frankincense Oil
  • 4 Drops of rose geranium oil
  • 4 Tsp of carrier oil

Ginger Oil Bath Recipe

  • 2 Drops of ginger oil
  • 2 Drops of lavender oil
  • 4 tsp of carrier oil

Rosemary Essential Oil Bath Recipe

  • 2 Drops of rosemary oil
  • 3 Drops of lavender oil
  • 4 Tsp of carrier oil

Recommended Carrier Oils

  • Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba OIl
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Argan OIl
  • Avocado OIl
  • Moringa Oil
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Rose hip oil

These are my own favorite carrier oil’s I use in my own recipes, but there are other carrier oil’s you can use as well. You should never use essential oil’s without a carrier oil to be safe, and this is even more true for young children with sensitive skin.

restless legs syndrome

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What Is On My Mind Today?

Children with autism are known to experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and when they are deficient in their iron levels this can cause them to experience Restless Legs Syndrome. This syndrome can affect these children’s ability to function a normal routine, and this is especially true once they become the age to start school. Many children are labeled as bad behavior with this syndrome, and the reason is they just can’t sit still in school. This can also affect their ability to learn in school, so when your child is experiencing sleep problems they might be having the symptoms from Restless Legs Syndrome.


  • Thabo says:

    Hello Jeff,

    I am well aware of Restless legs Syndrome in adults because I have known people who have it. In fact one of my readers was kind enough to share her experience with me. Once, she started an extremely high dose iron regimen, she was nearly entirely relieved of what is a very miserable condition. Because as she informed me , long road trips, which she would take frequently, sitting at the movies, sitting in bed at night and so many more activities were seriously stressed and sometimes excruciatingly painful because of it. It’s not a fun experience and some doctors are still very reluctant to diagnose it or treat it. She was lucky that for her the solution was her lack of iron. Others are not so lucky and relief is not that easy to come by. It becomes something that begins a vicious cycle for sufferers where health care providers often offer short term solutions.

    I thank you for giving me insights as to how RLS effects children. Great post.


    • admin says:

      Hello Thabo
      I thank you for your reading my post and commenting,
      I am happy to hear one of your lady readers is feeling
      much better living with this syndrome.

      Often it starts in children and becomes worse the older you become,
      this is one reason it often is not diagnosed in children until they
      are much older.


  • Dena says:

    This is a great article on restless leg syndrome as my husband suffers from this. I did not realize so many children had this issue I thought it was something you develop later in life. My husband has been taking magnesium at night and that seems to help him sleep and not kick so bad; however, I think one of your essential oil recipes may be a great idea. Which one is better for sleeping and should I diffuse it in our bedroom as well?

    • admin says:

      Hello Dena
      I am sorry your husband has Restless Legs Syndrome,
      most adults who have this syndrome developed it at
      a very young age as a child. It often becomes worse
      the older you become, I am sure you can understand
      why children miss being diagnosed until they are

      There are more essential oils than many people realize
      which can help this condition, lavender oil is the first
      oil I would try which is one of the best essential oils
      for relaxing your body plus helps people sleep better.

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