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Plant Therapy Essential Oils-Best Place To Shop For Your Essential Oils

pure and high quality essential oils


Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Plant Therapy takes pride in providing you with one-hundred percent pure and high-quality essential oils, you can even shop for essential oils especially made with your children in mind. Plant Therapy is one of the strictest essential oil companies in their industry, you won’t find a company more concerned about their customers health and satisfaction than Plant Therapy.

Would you feel more comfortable and safer purchasing your essential oils from a company who works directly with an essential oil expert, you can relax knowing this company works directly with Robert Tisserand and several analytical labs. Mr Tisserand has been evaluating these oils professionally for over forty years.

How many companies in this industry do you think researches their supplies before even obtaining any oil samples from them, you can be sure this is the procedure Plant Therapy performs as a regular part of their regular procedure.

  • Background Checks
  • Reputation
  • Commitment To Quality
  • Commitment To The Industry
  • Provides Pure & High-Quality Essential Oils

pure high quality affordable essential oils

Plant Therapy Quality Oils

Plant Therapy typically tests three to five samples from different suppliers for every essential oil which they purchase for you, so even when they repurchase from regular supplies they still test each new bath of oil for their customers safety.

  • Where The Plant Was Grown
  • Country Of Orgin
  • Latitude
  • Elevation
  • Soil Conditons
  • Weather Conditions
  • Time Of Day Harvested
  • Time Of Year Harvested

Plant Therapy Testing

The essential oils are first tested by Mr. Tisserand personally before ever sending them to a third party testing facility, so the oils which pass Mr. Tisserand’s tests then are sent to one of several third party labs for even more testing.

Even though Plant Therapy works with suppliers who have supplied them excellent quality essential oils in the past, they still put these oils through this testing procedure before ever selling them to you. When this company claims their oils are one-hundred percent pure and high-quality they make sure that they are doing everything possible to guarantee their oils are up to their high standards.

Plant Therapy Customers

Plant Therapy does truly care providing you with the best essential oils, and they do their best to be sure only the best gets shipped to you. You will not find a more dedicated company in this industry in my opinion, you will experience a great experience purchasing your essential oils from this company.

  • 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • Kids Safe Essential Oil Product Line
  • Highest Quality You Will Find
  • Free Shipping
  • Give Back
  • Awesome Customer Support

Plant Therapy’s goal is not to become the largest essential oil company in the industry, you find their goals are to be able to impact the lives of as many people as they possibly can with pure and high-quality products. You will high-quality essential oils at very affordable prices no matter what your budget might be, you need some recommendations on their essential oils all you need to do is contact them and they will do their best to help you purchase the best essential oils for your needs.

plant therapy pure and high quality essential oils

Plant Therapy Kids Safe Essential Oils

I am very impressed with their commitment to provide the Kids Safe essential oil product line, you will find the products in this line concentrates on the majority of health issues children are experiencing today.

  • Synergies
  • Singles
  • Organic
  • Roll Ons
  • Aroma Plush

Kids Safe Essential Oils

I am impressed with the Kids Safe essential oils this company has made especially for your children; I am especially partial to the roll on since I believe these would be the easiest to introduce to children. You can make applying the roll on a game, so when your children think it is a game they will look forward to playing this roll on game.

  • A + Attention
  • Better Than Kisses
  • Calming The Child
  • Germ Destroyer
  • Grow Ease
  • Immune Boom
  • Itch Away
  • Wellness Set
  • Nighty Night Kids
  • No More Warts
  • Odor Zapper
  • Shield Me
  • Silky Soft
  • Skin Soother
  • Sneezy Stop
  • Sniffler Stopper
  • Sore No More
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Sweet Slumber
  • Tension Tamer
  • Tummy All Better

kids safe essential oils for children

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What Is On My Mind Today?

Are you impressed with the information in this article post on Plant Therapy Essential Oils, I promise you the information in this article post came directly from Plant Therapy. I am impressed with this companies morals and values to the essential oil industry, I also love how their products are affordable for everyone even on a fixed income. If you are looking for a company who is going to provide you pure and high-quality essential oils, I do recommend Plant Therapy over many of the larger companies with higher prices many of you can’t afford.
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