Essential Oils & Autism was designed to improve the lives of people with autism, I am dedicating this website in honor of my oldest son who has autism. When my son was a baby, we had no idea he has autism, I will be honest with you people where I lived at that time never even heard of this terrible disorder.

My son is high-functioning with an extremely high IQ, but yet the only employment he is able to do is working the night shift at Walmart’s stocking the shelves. He experiences extreme anxiety and lacks social interaction skills with most people; I find this very heart breaking since he is so intelligent, but earns barely enough income to support himself.

This website is on a mission to help as many children with autism as well as adults improve their lives with what is working for many people today with this disorder, I could not help my son when he was growing up, but I can help other people with what I know today about autism and how essential oils are improving many of these people’s lives.