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Good Story Books For Children-Books For Children And Parents

good books for parents with children with autism


Benefits Of Reading


Children whose parents started reading to them when they were very young benefit in many ways, often we don’t realize there are many benefits to reading to our children. Reading jump starts our children’s imagination, when children are introduced to reading very young many often enjoy reading as they become older on their own.


  • Brain Exercise
  • Improves Concentration
  • Vocabulary
  • Language Skills
  • Develops Empathy
  • Awesome Way To Bond With Your Child
  • Better Grades In School
  • Great Family Time Activity

Importance Of Reading For Children


Did your parents read to you as a young child, in the past most families read to their children in the evening before the children went to bed? Today families do this before bedtime routine much less than in the past, consider making time to read to your children or with your children as a bedtime routine.

Developing your children’s reading skills very young is the key for your children to experience success in school in the future, children who are read to you as toddlers do much better when they start kindergarten than children who are not read too. Starting this as a family activity can often encourage your children to read as a fun hobby when they become older, reading and writing skills are important for children to develop good communication skills.


the importance of reading for children








Reading With Your Children


Reading with your children in the evening is a good way to spend quality time with them, good children’s books is a vital role in their growth and development. This is especially a good way to bond with your child with autism, many families experience difficulty bonding with their child. Many of the character’s in your child’s favorite books can feel like their best friends, choosing good books with useful information and good lessons for your child is important. This has been found to be a very good way to spend your time with your child, why not add some good books to your family library for your child?


Why Read To Your Child


Many parents today are not aware how important reading to their child can be, many children today are graduating high school with very poor reading skills. How these children are passed through school is beyond me, by starting to read to your children as toddlers will often develop an interest in reading for the majority of kids? Reading aloud to your children stimulates their little imaginations, this helps them to develop good language skills. Children with special needs such as autism benefit more than you might believe by simply reading to them as toddlers, this assists in their developing better attention and listening skills. Even after your children are able to read on their own, it is still important for your family to read aloud together.


reading to your child with autism


Fathers & Reading


Many fathers struggle to find a way to bond with their children with special needs such as autism, reading can be a very good father and child activity for fathers to develop a healthy relationship with their child. Reading to your child should not be left all up to mom, fathers often spend less time with their children than their mothers, so why not spend this time reading to your child?


Books For Parents


Books are something parents with children with autism should take advantage of, there are many good books to help parents understand and bond better with their child.


  • Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew
  • Look Me In The Eye-My Life With Asperger’s
  • Special People Special Ways
  • No More Meltdowns
  • Apps For Autism


apps for autism for children with autism











Good Story Books For Children



What Is On My Mind Today?


Reading is such an important part of your child’s development, this could be a very good family activity to form healthy relationships and bonding with your children.  Today many families are so busy and stressed out they do not read to their children before bed like they used too, this activity could be just what your family needs to become closer to one another? Children’s books do not take much time at all for you to read to your children, reading is known to be relaxing,  and even help children to be able to fall sleep faster.


sleep disorders and special needs children









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Benefits Swimming Everyday-Swimming And Autism

special needs children and swimming


Autism & Swimming


The majority of children with autism avoids physical activity as much as possible, for these kids many physical activities are not interesting enough to keep their attention. The secret is to make being active for your child fun; it has been found the majority of children enjoy swimming, and this is one of the best choices for parents to introduce into their child’s life at a young age.  Physical activity for many of these kids is more work than fun for them with their physical challenges, swimming is easy on the muscles and joints, and seems to be a very good choice for most children with autism.


  • Eases Repetitive Behaviors
  • Positive Social Outlet
  • Increases Their Attention Span
  • Reduces Health Conditions Such As Obesity & Heart Disease


Autism & Exercise


The majority of children with autism prefer to be more sedentary than physically active, Continue reading Benefits Swimming Everyday-Swimming And Autism

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Games For Kids To Learn From-The Toys & Games Parents Choose


The Importance Of Toys & Games


Until my oldest son was born with autism,  I never realized just how important choosing toys and games were for children, the majority of us parents when shopping for toys and games for our children focus on what we think they will like. This is important if our children does not like the toys and games we provide them they will not play with them, so they would be a waste of our money, even more important is they will not be learning when they seldom play with these toys and games? The best way to choose these products is a two-step process, first the products must be appealing to your children and second they must benefit them in their learning and growth.


Children With Autism


When a child with autism is born into the family,  it is a learning process for the entire family, all toys and games are not created equal when it comes to these children. Have you ever bought an expensive product which was recommended for children with autism and only to see it sit in your child’s room hardly ever played, the best authority on the best learning products for these children are parents?


Image result for parents of children with autism


What Parents Share?

Over the years I have talked with many parents though my support groups, I do highly recommend parents to join and participate in support groups in your area. These support groups provide parents with many benefits, it does help to know you are not the only parents who become frustrated and overwhelmed with self-doubting yourself on the decisions you make for your child? What other parents have shared with me which are the best games and toys these kids learn from are:


  • Educational & Learning DVD’s
  • Educational & Learning Games & Toys
  • Books
  • Puzzles
  • Video Games
  • Sensory Toys
  • Discovery Toys
  • Plushies
  • Lego’s
  • Ipads
  • Learning Tablet Toys For Toddlers


Related image


Ipads / Learning Tablets


The parents today has shared with me if they could only choose one product for their child it would be an iPad, parents admit this product and the apps available is their child’s favorite learning tool. This is not only true for children with autism, all children prefer iPad’s over the majority of other products. When you find a product which interests your child,  they will naturally learn more from them, there are many free and low-cost apps available and this is an inexpensive learning tool for your child.


Help When You Can’t Afford One


I do understand very well many families might be living on a very tight budget, many of these children experience many other health complications which takes a big chunk of the families budget. There has been parent who shared with me ways they received a free iPad for their child, other parents has shared they were able to receive assistance in purchasing an iPad for their child.


  • Insurance Companies
  • Schools
  • Grants
  • Local Charities


Related image


Insurance Companies


Some families have insurance which will pay or assist in purchasing medical equipment a family can’t afford, you must prove this product is related to your child’s health needs. You will need qualified medical professionals to verify your child does need this product, also providing articles from medical and university studies providing proof of the medical benefits your child will receive is often a good idea before talking to your insurance company.


Your Child’s School


Many schools are using ipads in their classes for learning, some schools have allowed children with special needs to use these iPads at home. This product is and always will be school property, but it never hurts to check this out with your child’s school? Some schools have even helped families purchase an iPad for their child, again you will need proof your child would benefit in school by having this product.


Related image




There are grants available you are able to apply for, this might be a long shot with so many other families applying as well? What do you really have to lose by applying for these grants, the worse they can say is No?



Local Charities



What Is On My Mind Today?


My website is all about helping families with autism, our children are so precious and innocent it is not fair for them to experience such dramatic challenges in their young lives. Many are bullied by the other children, some parents will shun these children from being able to play with their children. Many times the parents of these other children are much worse than their kids, never judge children with autism or other special needs because you never known when a child with special needs might be born into your own family?




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Parent Child Activities For Preschoolers-Bonding With Your Preschooler

Activities for you and your child to do together


Bonding With Your Preschooler


Bonding with your preschooler is much less challenging than bonding with older children, preschoolers are always excited to spend time with you. These children are open to new activities to experience, the parents who often struggle the most with activities for their children are parents with a child with autism. Often these children do not express openly when they are enjoying an activity with you, you must accept this is a part of them and not take it too personal?


Free Printable Activities


Printable activities are very good choices to do with your child, you can find free printable activities online which are beneficial for your child to learn while you two are having fun. These are very attractive activities to the preschooler, if you are looking for good activities to bond and help your child learn printable activities are good to do?


  • Reading
  • Science
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Coloring
  • Drawing


Free Printable Activities For Your Child


Related image


Scholastic Pre-Kindergarten Activity Projects


Scholastic is one of the best places to check first for preschooler activities for you and your child to do, you will find a large variety of  choices at scholastic for you and your child to bond and enjoy together.


  • Animals
  • Early Learning
  • Families & Relationships
  • English Language
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Holidays
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Technology
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Special Education
  • Educational
  • Writing


Scholastic Activities For Children Of All Ages And Educational Levels


Related image


Sensory Activities


Sensory products and activities are preferred by children with autism, these are very good choices for you and your child to share doing with one another. These activities promote learning which is an added benefit to you two bonding, there are many other benefits to these activities for your child and for you doing these types of activities?


  • Stimulates Attention
  • Calms Anxious Children
  • Exploring Colors, Shapes, & Textures


Sensory Activities For You And Your Child


App 2 Talk


App 2 talk is a tool designed to help give children a voice, this is an awesome app for any child who is non-verbal. This app contains a series of pictures which you can customize, these pictures allows word to be quickly and easily formed to communicate the needs of your child. True communication techniques with new technology, affordable and accessible for all app available on the IOS and Android markets.


App 2 Talk Tool Information




Related image


Parent & Child Activities


  • Motor Skills Activities
  • Balance Boards
  • Portable Trampoline
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Adopt A Pet
  • Bowling
  • Yoga
  • Guided Mediation
  • Church
  • DIY Projects
  • Nature Adventures
  • Camping
  • Biking
  • Gardening
  • Ant Farm
  • Fish Aquarium


Bonding With Your Child Tips


  • Practice Self-Compassion
  • Develop Separate Interests & Hobbies
  • Spend Quality Time With Your Child Apart From Homework
  • Don’t Take Your Child’s Lack Of Social Responsiveness Personal


What Is On My Mind Today?


Now while you child is a preschooler is when you need to start forming an emotional bond with them, as the child becomes older they become more independent and bonding often becomes more difficult. Young children this age are easy to bond with, really all you have to do is spend quality time with your child and an emotional bond will form between the two of you. Finding fun activities is the key to bonding with your child, making it a learning experience is a good way to help your child develop and grow.



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Sand Art Projects Kids-Activities And Benefits For Your Child

sand art therapy for special needs children


Sand Art


Are you looking for a new activity to share with your autistic child, many children with autism really enjoy and benefit from sand art? Doing activities with your child will form a close bond between the two of you, this might even be a good family activity for the entire family? Sand art is a beautiful finished project your child will be proud of, this type of therapy is very therapeutic for many children with special needs. Dumping and color layering is the key to a beautiful finished project, consider adding glitter to make your project even more unique. The secret to finishing your project to stay together is by using E school glue to the top and allow to air dry, this will keep your sand in place and last much longer.


Sand Art Kits


There are sand art kits on the market you can purchase with everything you need to complete the sand art project of your choice, this is the easiest way to get started in sand art therapy. Most people prefer to purchase a kit with everything they need to complete a project, most kits include art bottles and caps, colored sand, and a sand art design tool. The only product you need besides your kit is your school glue to add to the top to keep the sand art in place.





DIY Colored Sand Project


  • Table Salt
  • Artist Chalk
  • Grind The Chalk Up Very Fine
  • Chalk Not Ground Up Fine Enough Will Possibly Streak The Inside Of Your Container

DIY Colored Sand Project


Sand Art Therapy Projects


  • Sand Footprints Keepsake
  • DIY Sand Foam
  • Magic Aqua Sand
  • Colorful Zen Writing Tool
  • Tropical Sand Dough
  • Sand Bead Bracelets
  • Bubbling Quicksand Sensory Fun
  • Beach Keepsake
  • Erupting Volcano
  • Sand Slime


Sand Activity Projects


Sand Art Therapy Benefits


  • Great Family Bonding
  • Concentration
  • Creativity
  • Color Awareness
  • Imagination
  • Plan & Complete Projects
  • Awesome Fun Art Therapy
  • Educational
  • Learning
  • Build Confidence
  • Boost Self-Esteem
  • Problem Solving
  • Special Needs Children Benefits ( Autism, ADD, ADHD )
  • Motor Skills
  • Hand To Eye Coordination


What Is On My Mind Today?


Sand art is an easy project which will create a closer bond with your child, this alone is very important since many special needs children are not fond of being cuddled and snuggled all that often. This is one of the most popular art therapies for young children, when you make learning fun children will learn more and this type of learning is very educational for your child. Gee, I am even tempted to give this a try myself the projects look awesome when finished.


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Bouncy Chairs Kids-Anxiety Relief Product For A Calmer More Productive Day

bouncy chair or desk anxiety relief for autistic kids


Bouncy Bands


Bouncy bands are attached to a child’s desk and chairs for instant anxiety relief without even leaving their chair, these bands can be used by anyone who experiences anxiety and must remain seated most of their day. This is another product designed with special needs children in mind, with so many children with special needs especially anxiety this product can be the solution to many of these kids misbehaving in school and at home. This product has been tested by therapists, teachers, and parents, all of these agree this product have made a positive difference in children’s lives.


Bouncy Bands & Anxiety


This product has helped many children to release extra energy from anxiety simply by bouncing their feet at their desks, teachers report how their students are staying more focused in class and even are more productive. Children with special needs find relief from their frustration, many professional are using these bands in their waiting rooms for their patients as well. This is a quiet way to relieve your anxiety without disturbing other people, very inexpensive way to relieve your anxiety with no severe side-effects.


Image result for bouncy bands


Fidgety Feet Band


By Calm & Focused

$ 12.27 


  • PTSD
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • Anxiety Disorders


Tested by therapists and teachers to be beneficial for children who experience anxiety, fully adjustable to fit any desk or chair with legs as wide as thirty-six inches. Children just press firmly or they can bounce their feet to calm their anxiety, this has been found to increase these children’s ability to focus and be more productive.


  • Quiet
  • Effective
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • No Risk Guarantee
  • High Quality Silicone
  • Long Lasting
  • One Hundred Percent Money Back Guarantee
  • Thirty Days Full Refund
  • $ 12.27 Plus Shipping


Fidgety Feet Band 


Image result for bouncy bands


What Is On My Mind Today?


This simple but effective product has already made a difference in many children’s lives, teachers are amazed and grateful for this product. Teachers everywhere are struggling to keep children in their chairs during classes, this sounds like it should be in every school in the near future with the positive reports coming back from so many teachers. For the price many parents also can take advantage of this product to add to their home, children will not get on parents nerves as much with their own bouncy band chairs at home to relieve their anxiety.


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Tooth Brushing Autism-Tips For Starting Your Child Brushing Their Teeth

best tooth brush for autistic children and special needs


Autism & Tooth Brushing


Autistic children really struggle with starting to brush their teeth, dental care presents many challenges for these children with sensory overload. Sensory overload is common from the strange smells, loud noises of automatic toothbrushes and the unpredictability of the tooth brushing task. This new experience causes their anxiety levels to increase, some parents deal with many issues with their autistic child to adjust to their dental care.


Home Tips


The majority of children by their first dental appointment have developed serious dental problems, early dental hygiene habits are important with these kids. Starting these children by teaching them the names of the toothbrush and toothpaste and the rest of the tooth brushing equipment is your best strategy, autistic children need to be eased into new situations, it is important they understand everything and are comfortable before starting them to brush their teeth.


Related image


Dental Care Prevention


Many children with special needs has limited and restricted diets, many autistic children are very picky about what food and beverages they prefer. Health issue diets are common with these children, many have food sensitivities which causes them digestive difficulties. Limiting sugary beverages, sticky gummy foods, and acidic foods will prevent them from experiencing as many dental problems. Diluting their juices gradually is a good idea as well, juices are acidic and not good for these children’s teeth and gums.


Forming A Routine


Forming a routine is a parent’s best strategy with their special needs child, children especially autistic children do better with a consistent routine. Most families begin their bedroom routine much too late in their day, by this time many of these children are exhausted and tantrums are more likely when it is time for them to brush their teeth. Visual schedules often work well for these children, many children brush longer when parents use a visual timer to tell them how long to brush their teeth. Musical timers work especially well for these children, like many things when music is involved they are much easier to get to do what they are supposed to be doing. Going out of your way to find ways to make brushing their teeth fun will work in your advantage, adding music time with brushing their teeth is like a special treat for them.


Related image


More Tips For Parents


  • Consider Starting With The Tooth Brush Only
  • Soft Bristle Tooth Brushes Recommended
  • Experiment To Find Flavored Tooth Past Your Child Likes
  • Beware Many Autistic Children Will Try To Eat The Tooth Paste
  • Some Children Will Suck On The Tooth Brush & Refuse To Brush Their Teeth
  • Chewing Tooth Brush Common
  • Introduce Tooth Brush Without Tooth Paste At First
  • Some Children Will Brush Their Teeth Easier While In The Tub
  • Take Turns With Your Child Brushing One Another’s Teeth As A New Game


Den Trust For Autism


  • Three Sided Tooth Brush For Autism & Special Needs Children
  • Specialty Tooth Brush
  • Faster Brushing Of Teeth For Kids
  • Cleans Front, Back, & Biting Surface Of Their Teeth All At One Time
  • Best Choice For Overly Sensitive Children
  • Less Struggle With Your Child To Brush Teeth
  • Replace Tooth Brush Every Three To Four Months


Image result for child brushing on toothbrush


What Is On My Mind Today?


Autistic children have difficulty with new situations, when it is time for your child to begin brushing their teeth ease them into it one day at a time. Once your child adjusts to this new task in their routine they will be fine, until then you must be patient with them and experiment with ways to make brushing their teeth fun. Using music is a way to keep your child calmer and less anxious, take advantage of this and use music anytime you are introducing your child into a new situation.


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What Is The Best Essential Oils For Sleep-DIY Essential Sleep Aid

sleep disorders and special needs children


Sleep & Special Needs Children


Special needs children experience more sleep problems and disorders than other children, physician’s believe the reason for this is the physical and behavioral  differences in these two types of children. Another theory is side-effects from children with disorders contribute to their sleep problems, detecting common signs is the key to improving the sleep in these children.


School Age Kids Signs


  • Snoring
  • Difficulty Falling Asleep
  • Staying Asleep
  • Sleep Walking
  • Nightmares


Good sleep is even more important for children with special needs than other other children their age, poor sleep increases many of their symptoms and adds to the challenges in their daily routines.


Related image


Sleep Tips


  • Make Your Child’s Sleep Routine A Priority
  • Be Consistent Even On  Weekends
  • Sleep Ready Bedroom
  • Child Sleeps In Their Own Bed Every Night
  • Avoid Caffeine
  • Putting Your Child To Bed When Sleepy
  • Address Anxiety Issues
  • Keep A Sleep Journal For Your Child
  • Consult Your Physician or Sleep Specialist If Needed
  • Sleep Evaluations Common Among Children With Special Needs


DIY Sleep Aid


  • Place Each Of The Oils In Your Bottle
  • Put Cap On And Shake Well
  • Follow Directions On Diffuser For Water Level
  • Add Eight To Ten Drops Of Mixed Sleep Aid
  • Place Diffuser In  Child’s Bedroom
  • Turn On Several Minutes Before Child Goes To Bed


Essential Oils Mixture


  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Cedarwood
  • Bergamot


Related image


Lavender Essential Oil


  • Calming Effect
  • Sleep
  • Relaxant
  • Tension Relief


Frankincense Essential Oils


  • Relaxant
  • Stress Reducer
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Inflammation
  • Immunity Boost
  • Cancer-Fighting
  • Balanced Mood

Cedar Wood Essential Oils


  • Woody Scent
  • Promotes Sleep
  • Promotes Rest
  • Grounding
  • Calming
  • Relaxant
  • Tension Relief
  • Serotonin Producer
  • Melatonin  Producer
  • Restorative Sleep


essential oils kit for sleeping


Bergamot Essential Oils

  • Body & Mind Calming
  • Nervous Tension Relief
  • Stimulates Dopamine & Serotonin
  • Sedative Relaxing Content Experience


What Is On My Mind Today?


People have been using essential oils since biblical times, you can mix your own sleep aid mixture from the recipe in this article. You can also purchase one of the sleep essential oil kits available on the market today, be sure to purchase a diffuser if you do not have one already? Essential oils have been helping children with sleep disorders with positive results, this is an inexpensive way to help your child overcome their sleep problems.


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Learn To Play The Piano For Beginners-Playing The Piano For Autism

music therapy and autism


Autism & Music


Do you have an autistic child living with you,  if so consider allowing the child to learn to play the piano or another type of instrument? These children have a remarkable ability to learn to play a musical instrument easier than most kids their age, music therapy is used by professionals regularly to help children with autism. Maybe a music instrument is not in your budget at this time, you can still introduce your child to music therapy with a much less expensive investment?


Music Benefits For Autism


Music is one of the best motivators for children with this disorder, more children stuck to accomplishing difficult tasks when music was involved. Special needs children with all types of disorders has experienced many benefits with music therapy, music instruments has been captivating for these children and has helped them to focus better. Introducing a variety of musical instruments to a child encourages the development of their motor skills, singing during a challenging activity helps the child work through the activity much easier.


Related image


Multi-Sensory Benefits


  • Tactile system is engaged by feeling the musical instrument
  • Kinesthetic system is engaged as they move to play
  • Auditory system is engaged as they listen to the sounds of the instrument
  • Visual system is engaged as eyes track the motion of their arm and hand movements


Non-Verbal Benefits


  • Ways to express themselves through their music
  • Communication technique for non-speaking children especially
  • Provides anxiety relief for many children


Related image


Bonding Benefits


  • Music is a great way to bond with your autistic child
  • Bonding hormone is released when listening and playing music
  • Routine of singing to your child will form a closer bond between you
  • How about dancing with your child
  • Musical instruments of any kind provides the same benefits for your child



Therapeutic  Benefits


  • Improves or maintains your child’s health
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Lights up the brain


Related image


  • Improves a child’s behavior and mood
  • Natural anxiety relief
  • Reduces Stress
  • Classical music provides the  same impact as 10 mg of Valium


Self Expression


  • Emotional Response
  • Creativity
  • Energy Release


Emotional Response


  • Stimulates the senses
  • Provides emotional fulfillment
  • Builds interpersonal relationships in small group settings


Related image


Social Interaction


  • Autistic children show equal or superior music abilities
  • Increases social interaction
  • Improves social skills
  • Music & movement games


Communication & Language Skills


  • Boosts IQ
  • Excels in other studies
  • Better working on a team
  • Enhanced critical thinking skills
  • Stays in school
  • Pursues further education




  • Helps children to focus better
  • Better mood for learning
  • Creative outlet
  • Memorize songs


Related image




The majority of special needs children struggle with self-confidence, music provides these children improved self image of themselves. Many of these with music therapy improve many of their issues holding them back, music nurtures self-esteem and builds self-confidence in these children. Music also improves these children’s motor skills, many improve their muscle coordination and rhythm by using music therapy.


What Is On My Mind Today?


There are only a few types of therapy which does so much for these children like music does, you could change your autistic child’s life simply by introducing them to music. The other types of therapy which are good choices as well are art therapy and garden therapy, give all these a try with your child and see which ones are the best fit for them.


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Board Games For Autistic Kids-Best Games And Benefits

benefits of board games for autism


Board Games & Autism


Board games are very beneficial for children with special needs, these types of games are especially beneficial for children with autism. Board games provide good social skills for these children, autism children enjoy and are usually very good at playing these types of games. Families with an autistic child who plays board games regularly have a much closer relationship. If your family is looking for an activity to bond with your autistic child playing these games is something you can consider?


Social Skill Board Games For Autism


  • Must Have Goals For Improving Social Interaction
  • Challenging Thinking Skills
  • Enhancing Motor Skills
  • Educational


Related image


Classic Social Games


  • Yahtzee
  • Scrabble Jr
  • Boggle
  • Monopoly Jr


Communication Games


  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly
  • Boggle
  • Battleship


Related image


Speaking / Thinking Games


  • Puzzle Solving
  • Pictionary
  • Scattergories


Benefits Of Board Games For Autism


  • Taking Turns
  • Social Problem Solving
  • Sequential Thinking
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Developmental Skills
  • Academic Skills
  • Predictable Routine / Rules
  • Board Game Is The Focus- Very Little Eye Contact Needed
  • Focusing On Other Players Moves
  • Visual
  • Spatial
  • Tactile
  • Analyzing Situations
  • Compare Options
  • Determine Results Of Actions
  • Memory
  • Math Skills
  • Great Family Bonding Activity


Image result for children playing monopoly board game


What Is On My Mind Today?


My oldest son is autistic and playing board games with him was no easy challenge to win, his memory gave him a huge advantage over the rest of our family. As you have read there are many benefits playing board games with your autistic child, but the most precious benefit is the bonding you will form with your child. Many families struggle to find activities they can do which will interest their autistic child, my son’s favorite family activities were board games, gardening, and fishing. Maybe these will interest your child as well, give them a try the most you will lose is the game to your autistic child?


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