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Top Selling Games X Box One-Best Selling PC Games-Best Game Deals-Gaming Keys

gaming tips and strategies


X Box One Top Sellers


  • Battlefield One Revolution $ 27.85
  • Call Of Duty Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles $ 24.85
  • DiRT Day One $ 29.85
  • Dishonored Death Of Outsider $ 14.85
  • FIFA 18 $ 44.85
  • Micro Machines World Series $ 14.85
  • Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Pass $ 22.85
  • Project Cars 2 $ 41.85
  • South Park The Fracture But Whole $ 54.85
  • Tekken 7 $ 33.85
  • The Evil Within 2 $ 38.85
  • Destiny 2 Includes Coldheart Exotic Weapon DLC $ 29.99
  • Middle Earth Shadows $ 41.85
  • Sniper Elite 4 $ 27.85
  • Overwatch Game Of The Year $ 29.85
  • Raid World War II $ 29.85
  • Trials Fushion Awesome Max $ 13.85
  • Fallout 4 $ 9.85
  • Lego The Ninjago Movie $ 37.85
  • FIFA 18 Ronaldo $ 69.85
  • The Crew Ultimate $ 16.85
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Top Selling Games All Time-Video Games & Austism


Video Games & Autism


Can video games benefit children with autism, the answer to this is YES? Children with autism respond extremely well though technology products such as video games  and electronic tablets, with every positive there is always some negatives as well. Parents with children with autism must monitor their child’s video game playing, many of these children can become addicted to playing these games which can cause them problems.

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How To Spend Time With Your Boyfriend-Relationship Tips For Couples

relationship tips for couples




The right balance of time spent with your partner is an important key to a healthy relationship, many couples when their relationship is new spend all their free time with one another. As the relationship grows often these same two couples begin to spend less time with one another, how can couples spend quality time together to keep their relationship healthy and happy?

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How To Spend Time With My Family-Most Importantly Why

family bonding tips and activities


Why Spend Time With Your Family


Families in the United States has lost the close bonding they had in the past, of course this is not true of all families. Families who spend quality time together form a much closer bond, the benefits of spending time with your family is very important during your childhood. Families with strong emotional bonds communicate with one another extremely well, children in this type of family atmosphere gets better grades in school. The children with the best behavior are from close families, you must put the time and effort into spending time with your family to receive the benefits.

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Best Game World Online-Top Games Online

Bonding With Video Games


Top Games Online


If you asked me what are the top games online, I would have to say it all depends on who you ask, everyone has different game preference. Children with high-functioning autism can outplay many average gamer’s online at the right type of games, but at games which are not interesting to these children they play below average.Children with autism excel in online games they are drawn to and play every day, but on games they have little interest they are not able to focus as well and their playing level is not nearly as impressive.

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First Person Shooter Games For PS4

First Person Shooter Games For Play Station 4


Autism & Gaming


By now many parents with a child with autism understands how playing the right video games and digital technology products can improve their child’s life, these children are naturally drawn to video games, apps, and technology devices. There is only one negative aspect of these products for your child, that is you as parents must enforce healthy rules to avoid your child to over-use these products. Limiting the time they use these products are very important for your child’s health, as parents you must moderate your child’s playing time.

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How To Play Video Games On PC-Tips To You Started On Your PC

video game playing on your pc tips


PC Best Place To Get Started


Children with autism often start playing video games on their personal computers as time goes by they often upgrade to a video game console. So you are interested in playing video games, the best place for you to start is on your personal computer? Why would you invest in a gaming console and video games before you know if this is something you are going to enjoy doing, this article is full of tips for anyone interested in starting to play video games on their pc?

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How To Play Video Games Online-Are You New To Video Games


Playing Video Games Online


Are you new to the idea of playing video games online, it amazes me how many children with autism can learn to play these games when they are not able to read? It seems the older you are the more overwhelming playing video games can be starting out, one way to get started is to allow a child to teach you. If there are no children available to teach you, this article is for you?


Video Game Platforms


Today there are so many video games to choose from, just choosing video games can be overwhelming for many of us. Never fear, there is a variety of all types of video games available, and even the first-timer will be able to find some video games to their liking.


  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Even Older Computers


video platforms for gaming


Video Game Platform Tips


Setting up your computer with the most recent operating system and installing a good video card is your best strategy. If you are interested in a low cost, easy to set up system purchasing yourself a game console is the best way to go. Maybe you know very little about the gaming consoles available on the market, read on and find out which video game consoles are the best choices today.



video game consoles tips


Video Game Consoles For Old Games


  • Play Station 3
  • Wii
  • X Box 360


Another option you can consider is purchasing yourself a handheld gaming system for a specific game, handheld gaming systems are convenient to take with you anywhere you go, plus these gaming systems are very affordable.


best handheld video game systems


Check Game Ratings Recommended


It is wise to always check game ratings before purchasing any video game, there are several ratings you want to check before purchasing that new video game you have your eye on? M ratings are for mature video game players, I would recommend avoiding purchasing any games with this rating for players under seventeen years old.


Video Games System Requirements


You really need to remember to check the system requirements on any video game you plan to purchase, it would really suck if you bought this cool video game and it would not perform well with your game system?



This gives your the minimum requirements for the game your are considering purchasing, it is recommended if your game system lacks these requirements avoid purchasing this game. It is best to look for another game which will perform much better with your game system, video games are too costly to purchase ones which are not suited for your game system.



When your game system meets these requirements, you should experience playing this game with shorter loading times, this also will improve the graphics of this game on your system and no visual glitches.


recommended video game requrements


Video Game Reviews


Reading video game reviews is something I recommend before purchasing any video game, this is especially important before purchasing a video game which is expensive. Many times people purchase video games because they look and sound cool to play, many times these people are disappointed once they get the game home and start to play.


New Games

  • Friends
  • Games Online
  • Gaming Blogs
  • Magazines
  • Using These Resources Helps You Avoid Purchasing Video Games Which Will Disappoint You


video game buyer tips


Video Game Sequel Tips


Many times the sequels to a video game series are better than the original version, the majority of sequels are with improved graphics and better game playing. Often people just have to have this new game which just came on the market, but often people who purchase later versions get a much better buying experience.


Competitive Video Game Tips


I recommend new players consider avoiding these type of game when first starting out, these games often cause people to become overwhelmed and disappointed playing this type of game.


  • First Person Shooters
  • Fighting Games
  • Battle Areana Games


League of legends and sports games are very competitive games, these games are very difficult for someone just starting out playing video games. Many people will experience disappointment from playing these games, for someone who never played video games before this experience could turn them away from playing video games in the future.


league Of Legend Video Game


Play Before You Purchase


You are wise to play any video game before your purchase the game, you can find many free demo versions online to play. Many companies provide these to encourage people to purchase their games, this is a good strategy to purchase only the video games you enjoy to play the most.


No Online Version?

If by any chance you are not able to find an online version to play, your next best strategy is to rent the game you are interested in purchasing? Renting the game first will allow you to experience if this game is worth you investing your money or not, why purchase a game and then it just sit and collect dust because you don’t enjoy playing the game?


Play Demo Before You Buy


Video Game Types To Choose From


Playing free video games online and renting video games to play is a good strategy for someone new to playing video games, there are so many types of video games on the market this is your best way to find out which games you enjoy playing the most?


Puzzle Games

  • Loops Of Zen
  • 3 D Logic
  • Lightbot


Strategy Games

  • Hearthstone
  • Plants Versus Zombies
  • Tower Defense
  • Battle For Wisnoth


Exploring Games

  • Sims 2
  • Sunless Sea
  • Mindcraft


Action Games

  • Legend Of Zelda
  • Assassins Creed
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Super Smash Brothers
  • Grand Theft Auto


video game types for new players


What Is On My Mind Today?


This article I know is full of information on video games and systems, I hope there is not too much information to overwhelm you? I recommend starting out playing video games online, this will give you an idea if playing video games is something you are going to enjoy doing? Once you are hooked on playing video games, your next step I recommend is considering which game system to invest your money into? The last step should be narrowing down which type of video games is the right type for you, remember video game reviews are always worth checking out before your purchase any video games or video game systems.


Resources & Help



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Shop The Best Video Deals In Town Today


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How Playing Video Games Is Good For You-Motivational Benefits And More


Video Games & Motivation


The majority of children will not require much coaxing to get them to play video games, children with autism have a strong attraction to video games, and when choosing the right video games these children experience many benefits. Most children find playing these games fun, anytime you find an activity your children love you can use the activity to benefit them. When parents choose the right games for their children, this can have positive results, these games has a motivational effect on the children who play these games. Continue reading How Playing Video Games Is Good For You-Motivational Benefits And More

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Best Handheld Video Games For Kids-Best Games Means Better Family Bonding

parent and kids relationship tips


Video Games Are Not Just For Kids


Many studies have proven playing video games with your children builds closer relationships, could video games be the answer to narrowing the generation gap? I am not a gamer by any means, even as a kid I did not spend my time playing games such as Atari & Nintendo. I realize now playing video games would have strengthened my relationship with my sons, this is the reason I have chosen to share how video games is the answer to forming a closer bond with your own children. To form a closer bond with kids, you must Continue reading Best Handheld Video Games For Kids-Best Games Means Better Family Bonding